La Fonte is a family-run farm in the centre of an estate consisting of five hectares of land, one of which is woodland and the other full of olive groves, vegetable gardens with fruit and vegetables and vineyards. A small, tenant-farming Tuscan farm established in the 1700s, it was renovated in the 90s and divided into apartments.

At the farm you can buy wine and oil, all produced on site, and seasonal fruit and vegetables are on offer to our guests. La Fonte actually has its roots as a farm for wine and olive oil production, but the identity and vocation has not been lost. In fact, it thrives alongside the accommodation business, in the hope that those staying at the apartments can fully breathe the charm and beauty of authentic country farm-life.

Grandfather Primo, who in the ’60s moved here with the whole family – the same family that continues to own the farm – would often say: “The earth will never die of hunger.” For us, in the wake of that tradition, we try to convey to our guests all the love we have for this land.